Decision Making Resource for Oncologists

Transcript – Physician Introduction

Eduardo Beruff, CEO & President, eviti, Inc. “eviti helps oncologists in multiple ways. First it helps them select the best possible care for their patient. Second, it accelerates the payment for that care to the oncology practice. Third, it reduces many, if not all of the manual processes that currently take place between an oncology practice and the insurer regarding the appropriateness of care. eviti cuts through all that.”

Arlene A. Forastiere, MD, Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs, eviti, Inc.; Chair. “eviti is unique in how comprehensive it is, and the fact that it doesn’t cover just four or five cancers. It covers over 121 cancers and it includes pediatric cancers and over 1,200 (2,200+ as of 3/15) treatment regimens. Not only can it be a decision support tool, but it can also provide insurance information regarding that individual patient.”

William Flood, MD, Chief Medical Officer, eviti, Inc. “Because we’re collecting the information digitally before treatment starts, we’re not worried about looking at retrospective claims or retrospective case reviews. We’re trying to make sure that the patient is getting the right treatment upfront, and that the provider has that reassurance that the treatment they’re starting is going to be appropriately rewarded.”

Paul Gilman, MD, Oncologist. “It’s crucial to a practicing oncologist before you start a patient on treatment, given the expense of the treatments we have, given the expense to the practice, and given the implications of not being reimbursed for those things, going forward with treatment with any sort of uncertainty can be devastating to a practice. I think eviti distinguishes itself because of the company. So the company is a privately held company with a strong medical advisory board, which is agnostic as far as the treatment regimens, and that really distinguishes eviti from many of the other products that are out there.”