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Transcript – Patient Assurance

Robert Comis, MD, Chairman, eviti, Inc. “eviti gives the patient knowledge and comfort that the doctor is in fact using an evidence-based approach; and also the opportunity to participate in the appropriate clinical trials if they’re available.”

Arlene A. Forastiere, MD, Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs, eviti, Inc.; Chair. “So patients need to trust their doctor, but they also need to be reassured that this doctor is up to date and this doctor has been able to discuss all the options with them and help guide them to make the treatment decision that is right for them. And the only way a physician can do that is if they have the knowledge and the facts.”

Susan Spalding, Senior Vice President, eviti, Inc. “eviti is a transformational tool because eviti ensures that the correct treatment is being prescribed from the very beginning. It is like a second opinion without going to see a second physician.”

William Flood, MD, Chief Medical Officer, eviti, Inc. “If a provider is choosing a treatment plan from our evidence-based library, it is up to date. It is consistent with what our peers across the oncology community believe is the best care for their illness now. And because the provider has gone through the eviti process and assured reimbursement, now the patient doesn’t have to worry about whether my treatment is going to be interrupted or delayed due to certification issues or pre-op issues. Am I going to get a big, out-of-pocket bill from the provider because my insurance company doesn’t understand this care? We’re trying to eliminate those unnecessary, counter-productive concerns for everybody in that triangle.”

Susan Spalding, Senior Vice President, eviti, Inc. “eviti is very unique in that we’re capturing co-pays and deductibles at the point of prescribing. So we can make those interventions on a timely basis before treatment begins in order to address the financial piece.”

Eduardo Beruff, CEO & President, eviti, Inc. “The promise of eviti is that we will, through eviti, connect physicians and payers for the provision and appropriate payment of high quality cancer care, including clinical trials for patients and that the ultimate beneficiaries are the patients.”