How eviti Works

Transcript – How eviti Works

Selecting a cancer treatment is a complex decision. There are over 1,700 (over 2,200 as of 3/15) evidence-based treatment options and over 10,000 clinical trials (over 12,000 as of 3/15) for cancer. Add on factors such as biomarkers, genomics, new drugs and therapies, and it’s easy to see how this can lead to wide variability in treatment selection across all populations.

Then, there’s the fear of uncertainty. How does the doctor know that he or she will be reimbursed fairly? How does the payer know for sure that an appropriate, cost-effective treatment is selected? And how does the patient know for sure that the treatment meets nationally- accepted standards, and that it gives the patient the best shot at beating cancer?

That’s where eviti comes in.

eviti is the most comprehensive and configurable oncology decision support resource available. It reduces variability in treatment and it eliminates much of the fear of uncertainty.

Here’s how it works:

Oncologists and nurses can use eviti to identify and compare appropriate treatment options to help them make the best and most informed treatment decisions possible. By entering patient specific diagnosis information, including pathology and biomarkers, eviti will present a list of appropriate evidence-based treatment options and clinical trials. Clinicians can see details of the entire treatment plan, not just individual drugs. They can compare regimens by cost, toxicity, endorsing organizations and expected outcomes. And once they select the best treatment for the patient, they can save it for the staff to complete the process and receive an eviti code.

The eviti code is the assurance to the provider, the payer and the patient that the treatment meets nationally-accepted standards for this specific patient’s diagnosis, and will be reimbursed appropriately.

Often, the doctor already knows the most appropriate treatment for the patient; and in that case, eviti helps communicate the treatment to the payer for prior authorization.

Here, the staff member simply enters the prescribed drugs into eviti to find the treatment that the doctor has chosen to prescribe. Once selected, eviti returns the nationally-accepted protocol for that regimen, and asks for any additional required information. And finally, confirms that the practice plans to follow these guidelines. Once the staff member receives and acknowledges the evidence-based treatment plan, an eviti code is assigned.

As you can see, eviti may be used by either the clinician or the staff, but the end result is the same – an eviti code that assures that appropriate treatment is being prescribed from the start.

When an evidence-based treatment plan is selected, the total process happens in minutes, and requires no calls to the insurance company, no waiting on hold and no lengthy delays in receiving an authorization.

eviti’s comprehensive, transparent oncology decision support system helps improve the quality of cancer treatment selection, and reduces the fear of uncertainty for all parties. It aligns the reimbursement between payers and providers, and reduces variability in quality across all populations.

But most importantly, it gives patients the assurance that the treatment selected gives them the best shot at beating cancer.

Selecting a cancer treatment is a complex decision.

eviti makes that decision process easier.