Eliminating Non-Compliant Cancer Care

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CEO, Eduardo Beruff speaks about the importance of eliminating non-compliant cancer care at the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance’s 7th Annual Wireless Health Convergence Summit.

Transcript – eviti Outcomes

Eduardo Beruff, CEO, eviti, Inc. “If you, a family member, friend or colleague were diagnosed with cancer, what percentage of inappropriate care would you consider to be acceptable?

At eviti, we believe it should be zero. Waste infects all aspects of our healthcare system. Waste is driven by medically inappropriate care – care that has no clinical benefit whatsoever, and that in fact, may harm patients. Cancer is no exception.

I want to tell you about a long-time client. They were shocked to see that 40% of all oncology treatment plans for their members deviated from guidelines. They concluded that this was unsustainable. They could not continue to pay for care that did not help their members. Consequently, they signed up for the eviti platform and deployed it throughout their member base. To their amazement, within 120 days of deployment, the rate of non-compliant care in cancer dropped from the historical norm of 40% to less than 9%. For every million members, eviti generates $11 million in savings per year by insuring that quality care is prescribed from the beginning.

eviti is independent. We receive no monies for the regimens in our library and our fees remain unaffected by whatever regimen is prescribed. Payers license eviti and make it available to physicians at no charge. eviti provides a win-win solution for payers and providers aligning them and connecting them, all at the time of clinical prescribing.

Since launch, the eviti platform has been deployed throughout the country. It’s been used now by more than 1,550 oncology practices (over 4,100 as of 3/15), representing more than a third of all practices nationwide. eviti provides better outcomes and lower costs for all. In effect, eviti delivers true health care reform now – today.