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Most healthcare professionals agree that we are facing a serious cancer care crisis in America. The numbers speak for themselves. Recent estimates indicate that 32% of treatment plans do not meet nationally accepted standards; 15% of cancer diagnoses are incorrect; between 50%-75% of cancer treatment includes off-label drug use; 45% of patients do not comply with prescribed treatment; and the average cost of a cancer case is reaching $135,000. Add to this list the aging population and the looming oncologist shortage along with the weight of rapidly expanding treatment options for physicians, and it’s apparent that this crisis is on a course to become even worse unless something significant and transformative is done to stop it.

So what is the first step toward solving this crisis? In a word – eviti, a ground-breaking, holistic and comprehensive oncology decision support platform that empowers physicians with actionable information at the point of care to help make better treatment plan decisions. Unlike other pathways solutions, eviti takes into account over 1,400 evidence-based treatments (as of 9/12), covering all modalities for 120+ diseases, and includes costs, toxicity, outcomes and even considers patient plan language. No other solution offers a more comprehensive or holistic answer to the cancer crisis in America.

At the heart of eviti is an extensive clinical library containing comprehensive oncology information and cancer guidelines derived from journals, scientific literature, and organizations such as the FDA, NCI, ASCO, ASH, and ASTRO. This knowledge-base is gathered and compiled by expert oncologists, a world-class medical advisory board, and other medical professionals passionate about solving the cancer crisis and collaborating to bring real answers to physicians, patients and health insurance organizations.

One of the most unique qualities of eviti is the way it addresses and aligns the priorities of payers, providers and patients. In a system fraught with misaligned incentives and motives, eviti strikes a delicate balance by leveraging its independence and providing transparency for payers, preserve treatment flexibility for physicians and assure quality care for patients.

Also unique to eviti is the way it closes the loop from enabling intelligent treatment plan selection through appropriate reimbursement. Developed by a team of oncologists, actuaries, insurance professionals and software engineers, eviti’s elegant user interface turns a fast and powerful decision support application into an easy-to-use tool that can validate cancer treatment options and assure appropriate payment within minutes.

Payers of all sizes and types are recognizing the need for a solution like eviti.  One such organization that recently chose the eviti platform to ensure the delivery of quality oncology care for its members is Government Employees Health Association (GEHA). “Our recent decision to pre-certify non-surgical cancer treatment caused us to look for a cost-effective tool to accomplish pre-certification, while promoting the best care for our members. eviti offers support for our providers in choosing evidence-based treatments and delivers timely authorizations, eliminating the slower paper-driven process,” said Kathy Ross, manager, GEHA care management.

The market has recently witnessed a flurry of activity with companies rushing to answer the crisis in cancer care. In recent months, a number of new oncology pathways products have sprung up, all promising to lower costs of cancer care through small sets of pathways that restrict providers’ treatment options and address only a limited number of diseases. Large drug distribution companies, jockeying for market position, are buying up pathways companies in hopes of controlling (or at least influencing) the purchase of profitable cancer medications. However, most oncologists and payers see through these tactics as self-serving; and once the dust settles, eviti’s independent, comprehensive platform will likely emerge as the leader in oncology decision support and become the standard in providing the payer/provider collaboration and alignment required to bring real answers to America’s cancer crisis.

Mark D. Rasche


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