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With 32% of treatment plans not meeting national accepted standards, and the average cost of a cancer case reaching $135,000, most physicians and patients would agree that there is a growing crisis in cancer care.

Compounding this crisis is the weight of a rapidly expanding, decision-making grid that physicians face in determining the best care for each of their patients. Back in the 1980’s, the oncology information and treatment plan options available to physicians were a fraction of what they are today, so the number of decisions was nominal, and thus manageable. But over the past three decades there has been an exponential increase in available evidence-based research data, translating into hundreds of options and decisions that oncologists must evaluate for every patient. The amount of information that is surfacing today far outpaces the cognitive ability of oncologists to stay current with cancer treatment care. It’s becoming impossible to read all the journals fast enough, attend the increasing number of conferences, and consult with the multitude of pharmaceutical professionals and subject matter experts. The flood of information is simply flowing in too fast to keep up.

For patients, finding a reputable and credible cancer center is not the problem. Finding a qualified doctor is not the problem. The challenge is finding a good doctor who is empowered with the right tool – a tool that can help the physician efficiently wade through the myriad of guidelines and variables necessary to recommend the best cancer treatment possible.

So what is this tool? In a word – eviti, a ground-breaking, holistic and comprehensive technology that provides physicians with an evidenced-based, “super second opinion” to ensure their patients receive the right treatment from the start. Introduced in October 2010 by ITA Partners Inc. of Philadelphia (now eviti, Inc.), an independent, third party expert with nearly a decade of reputable oncology treatment and cancer case management experience, the eviti platform facilitates the delivery of optimum, cost-effective cancer care for its patients.

At the heart of eviti is an extensive clinical library containing comprehensive oncology information and cancer guidelines derived from journals and scientific literature. This knowledge-base is gathered and compiled by expert oncologists, a world-class medical advisory board, and other medical professionals passionate about solving the cancer crisis and collaborating to bring real answers to physicians and patients. Comprised of over 1,400 nationally accepted treatment regimens (as of 9/12) and covering all modalities for more than 120 cancer types, eviti’s robust, evidence-based library takes into account both outcomes and toxicities.

More and more physicians are choosing eviti for their patients, not just for its comprehensive, evidence-based, cancer decision support capabilities, but because of eviti’s inherent transparency and unbiased approach. In other words, eviti’s credibility rests on its independence. Meticulously compiled by unprejudiced oncologists and leading experts in the field, the eviti team receive no monetary gain based on any particular treatment selection.

eviti’s comprehensive technology, combined with its impartial “pay for performance” incentive, separates it from its competitors as a highly credible and reliable platform. In a nutshell, eviti is truly that “super second opinion” that equips oncologists to be empowered with confidence and peace of mind that their patients are getting the best treatment possible.

Mark D. Rasche


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