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Small health insurance providers continue searching to find a solution to the mounting complexities related to reimbursement for cancer treatment. As costs skyrocket, profits are getting squeezed and businesses are assuming more risk than ever before. And the problem of exorbitant cancer costs is exacerbated by the increasing number of treatment options and their variability in cost, outcomes and toxicity.

The commitment to prescribing the best possible oncology care has two perspectives that are often in conflict. Oncologists, who are forced to see more and more patients while reimbursement shrinks, are lured to prescribe the most expensive treatments that often promise minimal improvement in efficacy. Insurers, unarmed with the necessary information to effectively validate treatment plans, end up paying for inappropriate treatment. With the average cost of a cancer case reaching $135,000 and 32% of treatment plans not meeting nationally accepted standards; the seemingly incompatible goals of quality care and appropriate cost containment have fueled a national cancer crisis with no apparent answer . . . that is, until eviti.

eviti is a new, ground-breaking, holistic and comprehensive oncology decision support platform that empowers physicians, payers and patients with actionable information at the point of care to help make optimal treatment plan decisions. Created by an integrated team of oncologists, actuaries, insurance professionals and software engineers, eviti offers the only independent solution that is comprehensive enough to address this challenge.

ADVANTAGE Health Solutions, Inc., a fast-growing health plan located in Indiana, is one of many organizations to recently discover how eviti’s proprietary oncology decision-support platform can significantly improve outcomes and manage costs for members with cancer. “Our mission is to provide managed care solutions to improve outcomes, keep costs low and improve the health and wellness of the communities we serve,” said Dr. Anthony Akosa, VP of medical affairs at ADVANTAGE. “eviti is on target with that mission and will ensure that our providers have access to all available evidence-based treatment options that meet current criteria, ultimately providing the best cost-effective cancer care for our members.”

ITA Partners, Inc. (now eviti, Inc.), the company that launched eviti in October 2010, has drawn considerable attention from healthcare professionals since first introducing its robust platform. eviti currently contains over 1,400 treatment guidelines for 120 + types of cancer (as of 9/12), and continues to raise the bar to increase the capability of quality decisions at the point of care to the highest level possible.

“eviti is a sophisticated, intelligent solution that delivers on the promise of managed care. We’re confident it will help ADVANTAGE achieve their goals in the delivery of quality oncology care for their members,” said Eduardo Beruff, chief executive officer and president of eviti, Inc.

eviti is the first independent, fully-integrated solution that simultaneously addresses the quality and cost concerns of cancer patients, oncologists and insurance companies, in any treatment setting. Patients benefit from appropriate treatment for their cancer; while physicians are empowered with systematic access to the latest, most comprehensive, evidence-based treatment standards, as well as the benefit of streamlined reimbursement. Payers are assured that members are receiving cost-effective care within the scope of their plan benefits.

Since eviti’s launch, it has emerged as a leader in an oncology market environment where many companies are scrambling to find ways to solve the cancer care crisis. But unlike other competitors, eviti isn’t backed by a large drug company; instead it has remained independent and unbiased, choosing to take the more difficult path of building an extensive clinical library of comprehensive oncology information and cancer guidelines derived from journals, scientific literature and a number of reputable organizations.

Like many other conscientious healthcare providers, ADVANTAGE has discovered that eviti offers the advantage they need – an exemplary evidence-based decision making platform for their physicians. It’s no wonder that eviti is rapidly becoming the industry standard for payer/provider collaboration and alignment and a significant factor toward solving America’s cancer crisis.

Mark D. Rasche


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