What is eviti|Connect?

  • eviti|Connect is a web-based oncology decision-support platform that gives providers and their staffs real-time access to evidence-based treatment options that are compliant with the patient’s insurance plan language at the point of prescribing.
  • eviti|Connect is an electronic system that aligns payer and provider with evidence based treatment standards and plans for cancer care. This unique software takes into account the priorities of the providers, the patients, and the payers with a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to improve clinical outcomes and reduce cost.
  • eviti|Connect provides a comprehensive and unbiased digital library of evidence-based oncology treatment regimens, from leading oncology organizations. This allows appropriate payment for appropriate treatment and gives payers a greater insight into the risks and costs associated with cancer treatment. eviti includes information on:
    • 120+ cancer types
    • 1,700+ evidence-based treatment regimens
    • Approximately 10,000 Federally Registered Clinical Trials
    • Outcomes
    • Costs (enabling value-based decision making)
    • Toxicities
    • All treatment modalities

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