What is eviti|Advisor?

eviti|Advisor is a transformative online decision-support solution that gives providers and their staff access to one of the most comprehensive and unbiased digital libraries of nationally recognized evidence-based treatment standards available. eviti|Advisor empowers oncologists to make the best treatment decisions for their patients. Compiling treatments from all major published peer-reviewed literature, oncology associations and government agencies, eviti|Advisor allows oncologists to see:
  • 120+ cancer types
  • 1,700+ evidence-based treatment regimens
  • Approximately 10,000 Federally Registered Clinical Trials
  • Outcomes
  • Costs (enabling value-based decision making)
  • Toxicities
  • All treatment modalities
eviti|Advisor also integrates with eviti|Connect, a pre-authorization tool that:
  • further filters regimen options by payer plan language for each patient
  • aligns the interests of the provider, patient and payer before treatment begins
  • offers expert peer-to-peer interactions with the eviti medical office
  • identifies and addresses conflicts with payers before treatment begins

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Fax: 1-888-468-1423
Hours: 8am to 8pm ET
Monday through Friday

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