Oncology Decision Support and Treatment Preauthorization

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View and Compare Cancer Treatment Options

With the vast number of treatment options and clinical trials available to treat cancer patients, and the rapid rate at which new information is becoming available, it’s important for physicians to have easy access to a single source of up-to-date data to make informed cancer treatment decisions with their patients.

With the eviti|Advisor web-based oncology decision support platform, oncologists can quickly search among 2,200+ cancer treatment regimens for all cancers and cancer subtypes and compare efficacy, toxicity and cost for multiple treatment options.

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Unlike pathways programs, eviti|Advisor includes all nationally-recognized cancer treatment options; and doesn’t limit oncologists to a few preselected regimens.

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Oncology Treatment Regimen Source Documentation
Regimens in the eviti knowledge base are supported by documentation from peer reviewed literature, major oncology meetings and updates to guidelines produced by national government agencies (e.g. National Cancer Institute, Food and Drug Administration), national and international oncology professional organizations (e.g. American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Society of Hematology, American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, American Urological Association, National Comprehensive Cancer Network Compendium and others) and consensus groups.

Learn how the medical and informatics teams keep the evidence-based medical library up to date with the most current cancer treatment information.

Quick Treatment Preauthorization Decisions Allow Patients to Begin Treatment Right Away

Obtaining preauthorization for oncology treatment is no longer and arduous task for oncology practices or payers. With eviti|Connect automated online preauthorization, it is easy for practice staff to submit treatment plans for authorization. Immediate authorizations are granted for treatment plans that meet evidence-based medicine in accordance to the nationally-accepted regimens in the eviti knowledge base.

For submitted treatment plans that deviate from nationally-accepted standards of care, the eviti Medical Office will collaborate with the prescribing physician to review literature and determine whether the submitted treatment plan meets the requirements for a medically justified variance. If so, the eviti Medical Office will recommend that the payer authorize the treatment plan. The payer has the final decision to authorize or deny payment for the submitted treatment plan. Payers complete authorization or denials through the eviti|Connect platform, and physicians can track the progress of all treatment plans in their eviti|Connect dashboard.

With this streamlined preauthorization process, physicians can begin treating their patients without delay, with the knowledge that they will be reimbursed appropriately.

Download the eviti|Connect fact sheet.