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The eviti Platform

From diagnosis through treatment plan selection, physician reimbursement and survivorship guidance, the eviti oncology software platform provides advanced cancer patient care by aligning the priorities of physicians, patients and payers at the moment of clinical prescribing. All products utilize the eviti evidence-based medical library.

eviti|Advisor Access one of the most comprehensive and unbiased digital libraries of nationally-recognized, evidence-based standards for cancer care with eviti|Advisor, a transformative web-based decision-support solution. Quickly search among 2,200+ cancer treatment regimens and 6,000+ clinical trials for all cancers and cancer subtypes and compare efficacy, toxicity and cost for multiple treatment options. eviti|Advisor empowers oncologists to make the best treatment decisions for their patients.
Download the eviti|Advisor fact sheet.
Compare cancer treatments in eviti|Advisor.
eviti|Advisor Enterprise Edition View prescribing data and highlight institution treatment preferences and available institution clinical trials to ensure the prescription of quality care across all providers and practice locations. eviti|Advisor Enterprise Edition is a web-based resource for institutions that provides all of the benefits and features of eviti|Advisor along with reporting and preference functionality.
Download the eviti|Advisor Enterprise Edition fact sheet.
eviti|Connect Obtain electronic preauthorization for cancer treatment at the time of prescription so that patients can begin treatment without delay, using eviti|Connect. eviti|Connect aligns the interest of payers, providers and patients. Through eviti|Connect online pre-certification and pre-notification, payers have visibility at the moment of prescribing and providers can be confident the treatment meets clinical requirements for reimbursement.
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eviti|PBM Connect eviti|PBM Connect relays in real time, at the moment of treatment selection, specific treatment details relevant to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and specialty pharmacies. This seamless process streamlines prescription delivery, and aids in compliance with formularies and plan language.


eviti Comprehensive, Non-biased Evidence-based
Medical Library (EBML)

eviti’s Evidence-Based Medical Library (EBML) is comprehensive, non-biased and independent. The data contained in the EBML is extremely granular and is used in the oncology decision support process to support the treatment plan selection algorithms within eviti. The EBML includes 2,200+ evidence-based treatment regimens and over 6,000 clinical trials for all cancers and cancer subtypes (as of 3/15). Regimens within the EBML address all tumor sites of origin (> 40), specific pathologic description (>600), stage (extent of tumor growth/spread), patient and tumor specific biomarkers, and prior therapy. Each regimen contains appropriate treatments (surgery, systemic therapy [chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, stem cell transplant] and/or radiotherapy) as warranted for the specific pathology and stage of the relevant cancer, data on the resulting clinical outcome and toxicities, and levels of medical evidence and support within the oncology community.

Regimens are added to, revised or inactivated within the EBML based on ongoing review of definitive trials presented in the peer-reviewed literature, major oncology meetings throughout the year and updates to guidelines produced by national government agencies (e.g. National Cancer Institute, Food and Drug Administration), national and international oncology professional organizations (e.g. American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Society of Hematology, American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, American Urological Association, National Comprehensive Cancer Network Compendium and others) and consensus groups.

This review and subsequent data entry is performed by a team within eviti, Inc. composed of advanced practice oncology nurses, a content information specialist and the eviti, Inc. Chief Medical Officer (and other members of the eviti, Inc. medical staff as needed). Once a regimen has been identified for addition to the EBML, data is abstracted from the relevant primary medical literature and then twice reviewed for quality by other team members. Any discrepancies found in review and audit are then reconciled. Beyond initial entry into the EBML, regimens are also reviewed throughout the year for continued relevance. All steps in this process are appropriately tracked and documented to ensure completion, accuracy, and adherence to eviti, Inc. protocols.

All clinicians and staff who are responsible for researching, reviewing, entering and maintaining the data in the EBML are employees of eviti, Inc. and are not influenced by any third party organization or institution. eviti, Inc. and its employees have no financial interest in the treatments that are selected from the regimens displayed in eviti. eviti, Inc. receives no payments from any third party organization including pharmaceutical companies, drug wholesalers or medical device companies for the regimens that are included in the EBML.

Oncology Practices Registered with eviti

eviti has been deployed to over 4,100 oncology practices, representing 75% of all oncology practices nationwide; and on average, deviations from evidence-based medicine have dropped from ~27% to less than 2%.

eviti Aligns Physicians, Patients and Payers Priorities

From diagnosis through cancer treatment plan selection, physician reimbursement and survivorship guidance, eviti’s approach to fighting cancer goes beyond oncology pathways.
eviti is an innovative technology that offers providers cancer guidelines and oncology solutions through real-time access to evidence-based standards and intelligence at the point of clinical prescribing. eviti provides the nation’s most comprehensive and unbiased digital library of evidence-based treatment regimens and cancer research available, taking into account cancer costs, outcomes, efficacy and toxicities. In addition, it includes 2,200+ of the most appropriate, proven cancer treatment options (as of 3/15) covering all modalities for all cancers and cancer subtypes,meticulously compiled from the world’s leading sources.

eviti’s treatment knowledge base of oncology information and patent-pending decision-support engine help oncologists select a treatment option that is both evidence-based and compliant with each patient’s insurance plan language at the moment of prescribing. This transparent cancercare treatment plan review and selection process streamlines workflow and reimbursement, reduces variability in clinical care, and results in cost efficiencies to benefit all participants in the cancer treatment process, thus allowing the best cancer care to be available everywhere. eviti is a cancer disease management tool that can be used as a web-based application or as an integrated component within electronic health records software.

eviti’s robust library is carefully drawn from governmental data and industry sources, and is maintained by expert oncologists, a world-class medical advisory board, and other medical informatics professionals.

eviti’s Flexibility

eviti’s open platform makes it easy to integrate with other oncology management solutions, including offerings from NantHealth’s Augmented IntelligenceTM