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With new cancer treatment studies and therapies being introduced at a rapid pace, it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest research and recommendations. Sourcing content from multiple journals and medical associations is time consuming. At eviti, we gather the content for you and provide everything in an easy-to-use, web-based platform called eviti|Advisor. You can view all evidence-based treatments supported by medical organizations and found in published literature from one location.

For each of the 2,200+ regimens in the eviti library you are able to view costs, clinical benefit, toxicities and supporting organizations. You can compare treatments side-by-side. If you think that clinical trials are available for your patients, you can see the trial details as you are considering treatment options.


Oncology Decision Support

eviti|Advisor, an independent, comprehensive resource, provides real-time access to:

  • Over 2,200 nationally accepted treatment regimens, compiled in real-time from sources such as the NCCN Compendium, ASCO, ASTRO, ASH, NCI, FDA and others
  • Medical and radiation treatments, including appropriate supportive care drugs
  • Over 6,000 federally registered clinical trials
  • Payer specific compliance/preferences*
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  • Equips oncologists with verified, collaborative, evidence-based standards and comprehensive oncology solutions from cancer research
  • Provides real-time accessibility and actionable information for fast, informed, treatment plan review and decisions
  • Compares regimens based on outcomes, toxicities and costs
  • Offers independent, unbiased cancer treatment guidelines curated and implemented by top oncologists with decades of clinical and cancer management experience

eviti|Advisor is offered at no charge to practicing oncologists.

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Automated Cancer Treatment Pre-authorization

eviti|Advisor integrates with eviti|Connect, which allows practice billing and administrative staff to quickly obtain pre-authorization for cancer treatment. Using eviti|Advisor you can select and save a treatment plan for a specific patient, and your staff can retrieve the saved treatment plan in eviti|Connect to complete the pre-authorization process.

Value to Practices and Institutions

  • Allows clinician access (free) to decision support at the point of clinical prescribing including all registered clinical trials
  • Reduces variability in cancer care, and enables the setting of preferred treatments
  • Reduces ambiguity of reimbursement by:
    • Expediting approval for evidence-based treatment to minutes vs. days
    • Eliminating denials of treatments with an eviti code
  • Permits peer-to-peer conversation with an eviti oncologist to advocate on your behalf for reimbursement of high-quality care
  • Provides reporting for tracking quality metrics
  • Offers granularity and transparency, configurable for any payment model

The Most Comprehensive, Advanced
Cancer Care Platform Available Today

eviti provides both oncology software and clinical services and is backed by an extensive clinical library compiled and managed by expert oncologists. Its comprehensive oncology information, treatment guidelines and evidence-based standards are derived from professional journals, scientific literature, medical societies and government agencies.

eviti is the most comprehensive, oncology decision-making platform for fighting cancer today. eviti provides a transformative decision-support solution to the cancer crisis by providing physicians with advanced cancer strategies and oncology decision support – well beyond clinical pathways. In the end, physicians have access to proven cancer treatment plans, and patients receive highest quality evidence-based treatments available.

* For health plans contracted with eviti