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One of the unique qualities of eviti is the way it aligns the priorities of payers, providers and patients in the fight against cancer. eviti leverages its independence to provide transparency for payers, cancer treatment insight and flexibility for physicians, and quality care for patients.

Payers can improve alignment with provider offices through eviti’s advanced oncology decision support solution that configures to the unique needs of each payer/provider relationship.

By offering your provider network access to eviti|Connect for online cancer care pre-authorization, you will:

  • make it easier for your provider network to obtain pre-authorization
  • eliminate inefficient back-and-forth interaction between your staff and practice staff
  • have assurance that members are receiving appropriate care
  • reduce the amount of time your staff spends on pre-authorization tasks

Currently, more than 75% of the oncology practices in the U.S. have used eviti|Connect for pre-authorization at least once since its introduction in 2010.

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Speed to Market
  • The eviti platform is web-based and requires no technology installation with payers or providers.
  • The eviti platform is available at no charge to medical practices.
  • eviti has scale, with a current infrastructure capable of handling 60MM covered lives.
Reduction in the Variability of Care
  • After deployment of the eviti platform, rates of non-compliance with evidence-based standards have decreased from a historical ~30% non-compliance rate to less than 2%.
  • eviti is configurable to align practices and payer policies to enhance conformance.
Medical Policy
  • The eviti platform is the only oncology decision support resource capable of automating the process of verifying that treatments meet a plan’s medical policy and plan language before the treatment is selected and ordered.
  • Enabling practices to quickly determine evidence-based treatments included in payers’ policies speeds up the authorization process and in turn permits patients to begin treatment sooner.

eviti’s Key Differentiators

  • Expert clinical staff – All of eviti’s medical staff are oncology professionals. In addition, the company can tap the resources of its world-class Medical Advisory Board.
  • Transparent – eviti is transparent to all parties, displaying costs & outcomes, literature references, supporting groups, and toxicities.
  • Real-time decision support – eviti provides real-time, prospective, actionable decision support, without dictating care.
  • Single Web-based solution – no need to install software. All updates are handled automatically by eviti.
  • Scalable and configurable – eviti can grow rapidly and can be adapted to meet medical practice and client needs.
  • Comprehensive, current knowledge base – eviti’s knowledge base covers all cancer types, treatment modalities, for medical and radiation oncology, and clinical trials.
  • Independent and unconflicted – eviti has no financial interest in the care that is prescribed. Thus, there is no potential for conflict in the treatment decision.

eviti closes the loop by enabling intelligent treatment plan review and selection while ensuring cost-effective care and appropriate reimbursement. eviti’s knowledge base of oncology information is continually curated by a team of oncologists, oncology certified nurses and nurse practitioners, actuaries, insurance professionals and software engineers. Together with eviti’s robust software platform, payers and physicians have an easy-to-use tool that validates cancer treatment options, assures appropriate payment and aligns all parties around value-based oncology care.