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Payers can improve alignment with provider offices through eviti’s advanced oncology management solution that configures to the unique needs of each payer/provider relationship.

By offering your provider network access to eviti|Connect for online cancer care pre-authorization, you will:

  • make it easier on your provider network to obtain pre-authorization
  • eliminate back and forth activities between your staff and practice staff
  • have assurance that members are receiving evidence-based care
  • reduce the amount of time your staff spends on pre-authorization tasks
  • improve your relationship with your provider network

Currently, more than 50% of oncology practices in the U.S. have registered to use eviti|Connect for pre-authorization since its introduction in 2010.

One of the most unique qualities of eviti is the way it aligns the priorities of payers, providers and patients in the fight against cancer. eviti leverages its independence to provide transparency for payers, cancer treatment flexibility for physicians, and quality care for patients.

eviti’s independence combined with expertise in cancer treatment support bolsters the confidence of payers while enhancing physician relationships and improving the treatment services and treatment options of their members.

Reduce Cancer Costs

Also unique to eviti is the way it closes the loop by enabling intelligent treatment plan review and selection while ensuring reduced cancer care costs and appropriate reimbursement. eviti’s knowledge base of oncology information is continually gathered and developed by a team of oncologists, oncology certified nurse practitioners, actuaries, insurance professionals and software engineers. This robust oncology software has an elegant user interface and turns a fast and powerful decision support application into an easy-to-use tool that validates cancer treatment options, assures appropriate payment and reduces oncology costs.

The eviti team understands the very complex needs of payers and the delicate relational balance between providers, their members’ needs, and the growing need to reduce the costs of cancer treatments. That’s why more and more payers are turning to eviti for their oncology solutions in the treatment of cancer.

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Never Before Have Payers Had This Level of Insight

eviti links nationally accepted evidence-based treatment plans with appropriate reimbursement using a unique eviti code. This innovative and efficient approach allows payers to offer automated pre-authorization to all oncologists, along with streamlined reimbursement and improved productivity. Closing the loop with eviti’s pre-adjudication features streamlines the process, ensures quality, aligns payers with physicians and patients, and ultimately achieves the goal of appropriate payment for quality treatment. Never before have payers had this level of transparent insight into the risks and costs associated with cancer treatment before treatment begins.