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Peace of Mind for Patients

Did you know that a third of today’s cancer treatment plans don’t meet the nationally accepted standards of care? This is clearly unacceptable, particularly if it is you or one of your family members that has been diagnosed with cancer.

Patients deserve to have the peace of mind and assurance that their prescribed treatments are the best they can be. Fortunately they can because more and more doctors are using our new oncology decision making tool for the treatment of cancer.

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A Powerful Tool for Doctors

eviti is a robust decision-making program that provides physicians with the very latest, evidence-based cancer care options. eviti does not replace doctors; it empowers them to make better decisions for your cancer therapy and personalized care. These days, there is far too much cancer research data for even the best and brightest minds to remember. But when physicians have eviti as a companion tool, it allows them to quickly access the most effective and current cancer patient care data – targeting key information specific to each patient’s type and stage of cancer.

Unbiased and Reliable

eviti is not owned by any insurance corporation and receives no financial kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies, so patients can rest assured that the information provided to their doctors is totally unbiased.

eviti eliminates potential guesswork and enables doctors to quickly evaluate the latest cancer research and treatment options for personalized medicine. The end result is that patients receive the best and most affordable care possible.


eviti is a comprehensive oncology decision support platform developed by a team of top oncologists to fight cancer. At the heart of eviti is an extensive library managed by a world-class medical advisory board. This library contains up-to-date, comprehensive, oncology information and treatment options based on data found in the finest journals and scientific literature in the industry.