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With thousands of cancer treatment options, and more than 1,000 drugs in development, it’s beyond the capacity of any one human being to stay current on all available oncology treatment regimens. That’s why it’s important for oncologists to have advanced systems support to see all appropriate treatment options at the moment of need. That’s where eviti comes in. With eviti, oncologists have access to over 2,200 treatment options for all cancers in real-time. The eviti knowledge base is updated as changes occur or new drugs are introduced, making all appropriate therapies instantly accessible.

As a cancer patient, you deserve to have the peace of mind and assurance that your prescribed treatment is appropriate for your diagnosis. Knowing your cancer treatment options helps you and your oncologist choose the most appropriate course of treatment. Your clinical team can enter your diagnosis and medical information into eviti|Advisor and compare the regimens in the resulting treatment list to see expected outcomes, side effects and costs. Discussing these criteria with your clinical team opens up communication to ensure you receive the best care and that your input is considered during treatment selection.

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A Powerful Tool for Clinicians

eviti is a robust decision-making platform that provides clinicians with the very latest, evidence-based cancer care options and clinical trials. eviti does not replace doctors; it empowers them to make better decisions for your cancer therapy and personalized care. When clinicians have eviti as a companion tool, it allows them to quickly access the most effective and current cancer care data – targeting key information specific to each patient’s type and stage of cancer.

Unbiased and Reliable

eviti is independent. It is not owned by an insurance company, drug distributor, pharmaceutical company or provider network. eviti has no financial interest in the care that is prescribed. As a result, patients can be assured that the information provided by eviti is reliable.

eviti eliminates potential guesswork and enables clinicians to quickly evaluate the latest cancer research and treatment options for personalized medicine. The end result is that patients receive the best, cost-effective care possible.


eviti is a comprehensive oncology decision support platform developed by a team of top oncologists and informatics professionals to fight cancer. At the heart of eviti is an extensive library containing up-to-date, comprehensive, oncology information and treatment options based on data found in the finest journals and scientific literature.