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Treating cancer is becoming more and more complex every day. Over the past three decades there has been an exponential increase in available evidence-based research data, translating into hundreds of options and decisions that oncologists must evaluate for every patient. The amount of information that is surfacing these days far outpaces the cognitive ability of oncologists to stay current with cancer treatment care. It’s becoming impossible to read all the journals fast enough, attend the increasing number of conferences, and consult with the multitude of pharmaceutical professionals and subject matter experts. The flood of information is simply flowing in too fast to keep up. When you add the increasing challenges of navigating through the maze of insurance company requirements necessary for appropriate and timely reimbursement, it’s clear that physicians are facing overwhelming demands in today’s oncology treatment plan decision support environment.

Many are searching for viable answers to this growing crisis in cancer treatment. A relative few oncologists have installed EMR solutions to help manage their practices better, while others are experimenting with pathways solutions that force doctors to comply with narrow treatment options in order to get paid for their services. While both of these practices can be valuable to a point, neither gets to the root of the problem, which is to align the needs and priorities of the payer, physician, and patient.

So what is the first step toward solving this crisis? It must begin with collaboration between the payer and physician – an agreement that quality care will be prescribed, followed and reimbursed. In other words, the solution cannot be one that is imposed on doctors by insurance companies. These solutions are often too limiting and can restrict the providers’ much-needed flexibility in treating the extraordinarily complex diseases of cancer. And the solution cannot be a closed, non-transparent system that merely optimizes oncologists’ reimbursement at the payers’ unnecessary expense. Both of these solutions breed distrust and animosity that simply compounds the problem. Instead, a true transformative and independent solution must be introduced – a solution that empowers providers with real-time accessible and actionable information to make fast, informed, value-based oncology decisions, taking into consideration the costs, efficacy, toxicities and outcomes of every possible nationally accepted treatment option. The solution must also take into consideration the insurance plan language, so prescribed treatments are covered by the patient’s insurance.

Next, there must be transparency and accountability. Transparency builds trust that the provider is prescribing the most appropriate treatment for the disease. Accountability closes the loop, verifying that the prescribed treatment was approved and ensuring that timely and efficient reimbursement is commensurate with the quality care provided by the oncologist.

What is the answer? In a word – eviti, a breakthrough solution that includes both software and clinical services. eviti is a holistic and comprehensive oncology decision support platform that, in real time, empowers physicians at the moment of treatment plan, providing evidence-based treatment options that not only meet nationally accepted standards, but also comply with patient plan language. Developed by a team of oncologists, actuaries and software engineers, eviti was introduced in October 2010 by ITA Partners Inc. of Philadelphia (now eviti, Inc.), an independent, third party expert with nearly a decade of reputable oncology treatment and cancer case management experience.

At the heart of eviti is an extensive clinical library containing comprehensive oncology information and cancer guidelines derived from journals, scientific literature, and organizations such as the FDA, NCI, ASCO, ASH, and ASTRO. This knowledge-base, comprised of over 1,400 nationally accepted treatment regimens (as of 9/12) and covering all modalities for more than 120 cancer types, takes into account outcomes, toxicities, costs, efficacy and payer plan language. The eviti clinical library is compiled and managed by expert oncologists, a world-class medical advisory board, and other clinical informatics professionals passionate about solving the cancer crisis and collaborating to bring real answers to physicians, patients and health insurance organizations.

eviti’s credibility rests on its independence. Meticulously compiled by unprejudiced oncologists and leading experts in the field, the eviti team receive no monetary gain based on any particular treatment selection. In a nutshell, eviti’s comprehensive technology separates it from its competitors as a highly credible and reliable platform that equips oncologists to be empowered with confidence and peace of mind.

More and more physicians are choosing the eviti platform for oncology decision support. Dr. Geoffrey Cole, medical director at Health Plan Select of Athens, Georgia, commented on his company’s recent decision to select eviti as a tool to ensure quality, cost-effective care. “Our goal is to ensure that our patients receive the appropriate care. eviti allows our oncologists to access the most up-to-date, comprehensive cancer care knowledge base available – in real time. And, because it also includes our plan language, we can provide approvals almost immediately, drastically reducing decision-making time,” said Dr. Cole.

Physicians are also discovering how simple it is to access eviti. For example, when an oncologist is trying to determine the best treatment plan for a patient, he or she can access eviti through any browser, enter the patient information along with the diagnosis, and eviti will provide a list of evidence-based treatment plan options along with the research that supports them. The oncologist can then determine which of these options is most appropriate for the patient. Once the physician has made that selection, an eviti code is assigned, and the health insurance company is notified through a transparent report that provides the pertinent information related to costs, timing, and the appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

eviti is the most comprehensive, digitized, commercially available, quality oncology care platform available today. eviti is pioneering the way to bring positive solutions to the cancer crisis by empowering physicians with advanced oncology decision support – well beyond pathways. The end result is the patient receives the best and most affordable cancer treatment plan.

William Flood, MD


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