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Eduardo Beruff to Speak on Panel at World Congress Leadership Summit

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| May 16, 2012 |

Eduardo Beruff Will Speak on Panel at World Congress Leadership Summit

Eduardo Beruff, CEO and President of eviti, Inc. and entrepreneur in health care coordination technology, has accepted an invitation to take part in a panel on coordinated care at the World Congress Leadership Summit on Clinical Integration and Care Coordination. The summit is scheduled for May 17th-18th, 2012, in Alexandria, VA, and will focus on innovative payment and primary care delivery models.

Mr. Beruff, who will be part of the panel titled “Follow the Money,” is the founding CEO of eviti, whose decision support tool is revolutionizing reimbursement mechanisms in oncology care. He will be joined on the panel by Stephen Cooper, Government Affairs Counselor, K&L Gates; Jeffrey Gold, VP of Managed Care and Special Counsel, Healthcare Association of New York State; and Peter Levin, MPH, Professor and Dean of the School of Public Health at University at Albany (SUNY).

The panel is slated to discuss various types of coordinated care programs, the impact of promised savings on public and private payer programs, and strategies to address the legal and practical issues providers face when implementing a coordinated care program.
“We see fragmentation and costs in health care escalating with the complexity of personalized medicine,” said Mr. Beruff, “I’m looking forward to discussing how new technologies, properly executed, can counteract that trend.”

World Congress, which provides strategic leadership for the health care industry, seeks to forge communities among senior executives and leading innovators across all facets of the health care industry. By uniting exemplary members of the coordinated care movement at this summit, World Congress hopes to illuminate the road to accountable care.