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DAKOTACARE Turns to eviti

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| April 14, 2011 |

Philadelphia, PA – April 14, 2011 – DAKOTACARE, a South Dakota managed care organization, owned by the South Dakota State Medical Association and focused on keeping patient care decisions in the hands of physicians, has contracted to implement eviti, Inc.’s proprietary web-based oncology decision-support platform across its comprehensive local network of physicians. eviti, Inc. is an independent, third-party expert with nearly a decade of experience supporting oncology treatment decisions and patient care. 

Quality in health care is DAKOTACARE’s number one priority – with the added benefit that the highest quality oncology care is often the lowest cost care, in the long run. “We continue to seek innovative options to give our providers greater ability to more effectively manage treatment options for the patient. eviti gives providers access to the most comprehensive knowledge library of evidence-based cancer treatment for all cancer types, ensuring the highest quality of care for the patient,” said Dr. Paul Amundson, DAKOTACARE Chief Medical Officer. “eviti will help increase efficiencies for our providers and allow for quicker authorizations of care, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for our members.”

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