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Oncology professionals are acutely aware of the need for new, innovative, technological solutions to the growing cancer crisis in America. They are also searching for ways to ensure that cost-effective, personalized care and viable cancer treatment support and options are integrated with clinical pathways so that the unique variables of each individual patient are considered. Medical guidelines are a good starting point, but they are, after all, just a starting point.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled “The Time to Innovate is Now” acknowledges the healthcare industry’s sluggish adoption of technologies that foster safer, superior and more cost-effective cancer care costs in an overtaxed system. Another New York Times article, titled “Finding the Patient in a Sea of Guidelines” points out how unrealistic it is to adopt the “absolute one-size-fits-all view of disease inherent to guidelines.” It goes on to explain that earlier efforts to increase personalized care (with less emphasis on general guidelines) have failed because of technological limitations and inadequate research methods. Suffice it to say, relegating all patients to a cookie-cutter system of guidelines without employing the personalized art of medicine is counterproductive to improving healthcare. At the end of the day, guidelines alone will simply lead to doing more and thinking less. Bottom line – guidelines and cost-effective, personalized care are both needed.

So the question remains, can we have the best of both worlds? eviti, Inc. is proving we can with a ground-breaking, oncology decision-support platform called eviti Suite.

In recent months, there has been a lot of industry chatter about oncology pathways. With eviti, the landscape has changed and it is now beyond pathways. eviti is a breakthrough technology that, in real time, aligns physician and payer priorities at the point of care to ensure the most appropriate, evidence-based oncology treatment is administered to cancer patients from the start.

The eviti development team recognized that many of the solutions today are too limiting, and restrict providers’ much-needed flexibility in treating complex cancer cases. Understanding the need to prescribe individualized care based on evidence-based research data, eviti, Inc. and its team of oncologists, actuaries and software engineers developed eviti. Today, eviti is delivering quantifiable results. Rapid practice adoption has led to over 90% compliance with nationally accepted standards of treatment, and has reduced the prescription of non-evidence-based treatment plans by as much as 25%! Physicians’ real-time access to actionable information enables value-based oncology decisions that take into consideration the costs, toxicities and outcomes of over 1,400 nationally accepted treatment options in over 120 cancer types (as of 9/12).

eviti is totally independent, is not owned by any pharmaceutical company, drug wholesaler or healthcare system, and has no financial interest in the treatment prescribed. eviti was introduced in October 2010 by ITA Partners of Philadelphia (now eviti, Inc.), a third party expert with nearly a decade of reputable oncology treatment and cancer case management experience.

eviti benefits both the payers and the providers because it is the first solution that strikes an appropriate balance between quality of cancer care and cost containment. Most importantly, the real winners are the patients. eviti truly goes beyond pathways to ensure safer, superior and more cost-effective care.

eviti, Inc. is now welcoming Chief Medical Officers and physicians to attend one of their special Customized eviti Demos to learn more about the tremendous benefits of this innovative tool.

-Mark D. Rasche


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