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What eviti users are saying...

“eviti is very user friendly! We usually dread calling insurance plans because it is stressful, sometimes taking up to 45 min or longer! But eviti is simple, to the point, and after submitting the authorization, I am not mentally exhausted!

I was also very impressed with the drop down boxes that made selecting treatment protocols and plans simple. It is a very concise program, providing lots of details, but without the headache of digging for information.

I would absolutely recommend it to any oncology office who deals with pre-certifications or pre-determinations! The staff at eviti are prompt, return calls quickly, and meticulously follow through with any missing information so that the patient does not slip through the cracks.

I am very pleased with the eviti website and service and look forward to using it much more as other insurance plans come on board!”

– Julia, RN, BSN

“As a clinical research nurse, I focus on finding appropriate clinical trials for eligible cancer patients. For a recent patient, the payer denied approval for participation in a clinical trial; however, the patient was determined to do what she could to participate in the trial. Together we contacted the patient’s payer, and I was asked to submit a request using the eviti platform. In searching for the trial in eviti, I found the system to be user-friendly. Although I was unable to locate the specific trial, I contacted eviti support for assistance in getting approval for the patient to participate in the trial.

I was pleased with the way the eviti staff handled my request. They not only found the clinical trial, they worked directly with the payer at the end of the day on Friday so that my patient could begin treatment on Monday. The staff went above and beyond what I expected and kept me in the loop every step of the way.

I began the process thinking my patient would not be approved for the clinical trial. From the moment I started working with eviti, I received a “let’s make it work” attitude. The eviti staff is truly focused on doing what is best for the patient.

In the end, we received authorization for the patient to participate in the clinical trial which reduced the treatment time in half, and resulted in a cost savings.”

– Janna, RN, OCN

“With most payers, I’m typically required to fax authorization forms (many times multiple forms with repetitive information) and wait anywhere from 72 hours to two weeks for a response. That turn-around time is crucial and determines when the patient receives treatment.

With eviti, I get treatment authorization right away. I can enter the treatment plan, receive an eviti code and have the patient begin treatment – all within 15 minutes.

The eviti process is automated, using updated technology that saves so much time. It is far superior to the paper process; and I wish I could use it to authorize treatment for all patients.”

– Sara, Prior Authorization Representative

I enjoy knowing that when I use eviti, the process will be simple and quick. It saves me an immense amount of time because I don’t have to play phone tag with the payer to get a treatment authorization. Entering a treatment plan in eviti is seamless and straightforward, and I prefer to use it over other methods of authorization.

Since we have multiple locations and multiple doctors for which to enter treatment plans, I also appreciate that the one-time registration is uncomplicated.

The eviti medical office staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, and review turnaround time is fast.

eviti is a definite time saver!

– Kobie, Reimbursement Advocate

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