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eviti has drawn considerable attention from healthcare professionals since it was first introduced a few months ago as the most comprehensive oncology decision-support resource available to physicians. And now, the best just became better as eviti is adding the TrialCheck database, a leading clinical trial search engine and database, to its already robust platform.

ITA Partners (now eviti, Inc.), the company that launched eviti in October 2010, announced that they have acquired the TrialCheck database from the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups, an agreement that facilitated the merging of clinical trials into eviti. Eviti currently contains over 1,400 treatment guidelines for 120 + types of cancer (as of 9/12), but this recent integration with Trialcheck raises the bar and increases the capability of quality decisions at the point of care to an even higher level.

Robert L. Comis, MD, president and chairman of the Coalition, described the match with eviti as a “perfect fit”, stating that this alliance “repositions TrialCheck to become an integral component of a larger, evidence-based prescribing approach.” Eduardo Beruff, chief executive officer and president of eviti, Inc. described the acquisition merger as “the ideal next step in providing a holistic approach to oncology treatment options.”

The integration of the TrialCheck database into eviti benefits all parties involved. Patients will receive assurance that their physicians will identify and suggest appropriate clinical trials as part of their full range of treatment options. Physicians now have access to the latest nationally-recognized evidence-based treatment options, including clinical trials that may be beneficial for the patient. And Payers are assured that the options presented through eviti, including clinical trials, fit the patient’s diagnosis, and that they are reimbursing for appropriate care.

The Coalition and eviti share a common philosophy that physicians, patients and payers should consider clinical trials as a viable treatment option; and integrating the TrialCheck database into eviti brings clinical trial options to the forefront, giving physicians even more treatment options at the point of prescribing.

Since eviti’s launch, it is emerging as the leader in an oncology market environment where numerous companies are rushing to answer the crisis in cancer care. But unlike many of its competitors, eviti, Inc. isn’t backed by a large drug company; instead it has remained independent and unbiased, choosing to take the more difficult and comprehensive path – building an extensive clinical library of comprehensive oncology information and cancer guidelines derived from journals, scientific literature and a number of reputable organizations.

This recent acquisition of TrialCheck adds even more value to an exemplary evidence-based decision making platform as eviti is rapidly becoming the industry standard for payer/provider collaboration and alignment – one of the most significant steps in solving America’s cancer crisis.

Mark D. Rasche


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