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Prescribing appropriate cancer care for cancer patients is more complex and challenging than ever before as available evidence-based research data continues to increase exponentially. Physicians are facing mounting pressure and demands as cancer costs skyrocket and nearly a third of treatment plans now fall short of nationally accepted evidence-based standards. In this exhausting environment where hundreds of options and decisions must be carefully evaluated for each patient, there is good news. Oncologists are discovering a new, ground-breaking technology solution called eviti – an innovative, evidence-based treatment, holistic and comprehensive oncology decision support platform that, in real time, aligns the priorities of physicians, patients and payers when dealing with cancer disease management.

In the past few months, there has been much talk about oncology pathways. eviti is an extensive, independent knowledge base of cancer treatment options that goes well beyond pathways. eviti is the first solution that strikes the appropriate balance between quality of cancer care and cost containment, setting a new standard for payer/provider collaboration and alignment. The Florida Comprehensive Care Network (FCCN), a statewide network of medical and radiation oncologists, is one of the latest healthcare provider networks to recognize the enormous benefit of embracing this robust decision support technology by signing a long term strategic agreement with ITA Partners, Inc.(now eviti, Inc.), the independent company that recently introduced eviti.

“eviti is an ideal platform for our business model. Our physicians are committed to providing treatment that has been demonstrated to be effective. eviti gives them access to all evidence-based options at the point of care, allowing them to more efficiently make informed and effective treatment plan decisions that align with the patient’s insurance plan language,” said Craig Deligdish, MD, chief medical officer for FCCN.

“FCCN gets it,” said Dr. Thomas Marsland, Vice President of OBR Daily and ASCO Board Member, commenting on FCCN’s decision to sign up with eviti. “Clinical integration and coordination of care is critical to the delivery of high quality cost effective medical care. Many programs rely on the use of “pathways” to standardized care which improves quality and cost control. The true key to making these networks successful is the ability to monitor and exchange data and outcomes. It is encouraging to see high tech programs being used to really limit the ability of the group to monitor compliance with pathways and therefore assure persistent quality care and cost effectiveness.”

is the first independent, fully-integrated solution that simultaneously addresses the quality and cost concerns of cancer patients, oncologists and insurance companies, in any treatment setting. Patients benefit from a “super second opinion” and the peace of mind that they’re getting the most appropriate treatment for their cancer; physicians are empowered with systematic access to the latest, most comprehensive, evidence-based treatment standards, as well as the benefit of streamlined reimbursement; and payers are assured that members are receiving cost-effective care within the scope of their plan benefits.

was launched nationally by ITA (now eviti, Inc.) in October 2010 to provide access to the best cancer treatment decision support available and to advance the performance in the delivery of quality care. eviti currently contains over 1,400 treatment guidelines for 120 + types of cancer (as of 9/12), and continues to raise the bar to increase the capability of quality decisions at the point of care to the highest level possible.

“Our common goal of appropriate, cost-effective treatment for every patient makes the eviti-FCCN partnership valuable to patients, providers and payers. eviti will help break down information barriers, assuring that each patient is prescribed evidence-based care,” said Eduardo Beruff, president and chief executive officer for eviti, Inc.

Patients, physicians and payers will all benefit from eviti as more and more forward thinking healthcare provider networks like FCCN discover that this new decision making technology is rapidly becoming the industry standard for payer/provider collaboration and alignment – a significant factor in solving America’s cancer crisis.

Mark D. Rasche


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