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DAKOTACARE Discovers Evidence-based eviti

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Healthcare professionals have been more motivated than ever to find an effective solution to today’s cancer crisis. This priority is certainly understandable with 32% of cancer treatment plans not meeting nationally accepted standards and the average cost of a cancer case reaching $135,000.

The good news is that providers and insurance companies of all sizes and types are now discovering eviti, a ground-breaking, holistic and comprehensive oncology decision support platform that empowers physicians with actionable information at the point of care to help make informed treatment plan decisions.

The most recent organization that has turned to eviti for ensuring the delivery of quality oncology care is DAKOTACARE, a South Dakota health care coverage system committed to keeping patient care decisions in the hands of physicians.

“eviti gives providers access to the most comprehensive knowledge base of evidence-based cancer treatment for all cancer types, ensuring the highest quality of care for the patient,” said Dr. Paul Amundson, Chief Medical Officer at DAKOTACARE.

eviti was recently launched by ITA Partners Inc. (now eviti, Inc.), an independent, third-party expert based out of Philadelphia with nearly a decade of experience supporting oncology treatment. eviti’s extensive clinical library provides actionable information at the point of care and facilitates a payer/provider collaboration and alignment. DAKOTACARE has joined an increasing number of payers that have recognized eviti as a breakthrough, collaborative solution to America’s growing cancer crisis.

Rebecca Tidemann, Case Manager at DAKOTACARE, is one of many healthcare professionals who has discovered eviti as a dependable, cutting-edge solution. “With eviti, you know it’s evidenced-based, you know it’s been reviewed, and you feel very comfortable knowing that the treatment plan is appropriate”, said Tidemann.

eviti facilitates the delivery of optimum, cost-effective cancer care for patients. At the heart of eviti is an extensive clinical library containing comprehensive oncology information and cancer guidelines derived from journals and scientific literature. This knowledge-base is gathered and compiled by expert oncologists, a world-class medical advisory board, and other medical professionals passionate about solving the cancer crisis and collaborating to bring real answers to physicians and patients. Comprised of nationally accepted treatment regimens and covering all modalities and cancer types, eviti’s robust, evidence-based library takes into account both outcomes and toxicities.

“To do what eviti is doing, we would have to have a full-time nurse and probably a full-time oncologist here on staff. What we wanted is a way to do better oversight of oncology, specifically for high-dollar oncology agents and radiation therapy treatment plans. . . [With eviti] our members know that they are getting top of the line, state of the art, nationally recognized treatment plans”, said DAKOTACARE’s CMO, Dr. Paul Amundson.

The market has recently witnessed a flurry of activity with companies rushing to answer the crisis in cancer care. In recent months, a number of new oncology pathways products have sprung up, all promising to lower costs of cancer care through small sets of pathways that restrict providers’ treatment options and address only a limited number of diseases. Large drug distribution companies, jockeying for market position, are buying up pathways companies in hopes of controlling (or at least influencing) the purchase of profitable cancer medications. However, most oncologists and payers see through these tactics as self-serving; and once the dust settles, eviti’s independent, comprehensive platform will likely emerge as the leader in oncology decision support and become the standard in providing the payer/provider collaboration and alignment required to bring real answers to America’s cancer crisis.

Mark D. Rasche


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