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An Interview with Kathi Hawes, RN

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In celebration of Oncology Nursing Month, we interviewed nurses on staff at eviti, Inc. to learn more about their role within the company and why they do what they do.

Kathi Hawes, RN
Lead Clinical Support & Case Review Nurse

Kathi Hawes, RNHow long have you been a nurse?
23 years

Why did you become a nurse?
I was hospitalized in my early 30’s and had some excellent nursing care and felt that I could make a difference in making someone’s hospital stay a bit better, so decided to pursue nursing as a second career.

What is your role at eviti, Inc.?
I am the Lead Clinical Support & Case Review Nurse at eviti, Inc. I work with a wonderful team of dedicated oncology nurses. We strive to make certain the patient, provider and payer are all “in sync” with appropriate regimens of care for optimal oncology treatments. We provide an approach to evidence-based medicine that is easily accessible to providers and enhances the treatments that cancer patients receive.

How does your role at eviti impact patients differently than working with patients in the clinical setting?
It ensures that the provider/payer are aware of the appropriateness of the treatments and that the patient is being treated in the correct way before the treatment begins. This way the patient knows that everything is in place and there is less worry about reimbursement for all concerned. In a clinical setting, sometimes treatments are initiated only to find that it may not have been the most correct choice initially.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Being on the “cutting edge” of working with providers to work within the confines of managed healthcare to provide the best possible treatment options for their patients.

How has nursing changed over the last 10 years?
There have been so many changes in the delivery of nursing care, many related to mandated changes in the healthcare reform.

What advice do you have for others who are considering becoming a nurse?
Be an advocate for your patients! Take care of yourself as well so that you are mentally strong, physically capable and ready to meet the ever changing world of healthcare. You will NOT be disappointed!