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About eviti
eviti, Inc.’s extraordinary team of oncologists and oncology nurses, insurance professionals, actuaries and software designers and engineers specialize in oncology decision support and care management solutions. For almost a decade, eviti has earned the trust and respect of oncologists, payers and patients nationwide through its independent, proven oncology management solutions.

eviti has worked with over 4,500 oncologists and a wide range of payers from small third-party administrators to large commercial carriers and federal employer groups. At the heart of eviti’s services is the eviti Suite, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive evidence-based knowledge library for oncology. This digital clinical database is comprised of over 2,200 nationally accepted treatment regimens for all cancers and cancer subtypes. eviti’s robust library is drawn from data from the governmental and industry sources, as well as industry journals and other publications. Overseeing eviti’s clinical services is its Medical Advisory Board including fourteen leading oncologists from some of the most highly regarded cancer treatment and research centers in the world.

eviti improves quality of care and helps to ensure 
evidence-based medicine is prescribed and followed.

Beyond the healthcare debate, with whatever reforms are pursued, lies an irrefutable fact: there’s “untapped potential,” as the Institute of Medicine says, to reduce costs and improve quality by following evidence-based practice.

Nowhere is that more crucial than in critical illnesses such as cancer. Treatment standards emerge constantly, variation in care is widespread, and new cancer guidelines average 16 years for broad adoption and payer reimbursement. Patients suffer, and costs climb by tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars when care isn’t evidence-based.

eviti offers a proven solution, with disease-specific medical expertise and proprietary technology that aligns the delivery and reimbursement of quality care.