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Transforming Cancer Care

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About eviti, Inc.

eviti, Inc.
is Transforming Cancer Treatment

eviti is transforming the cancer treatment decision process with its innovative oncology platform called eviti Suite. Developed through a unique collaboration of leading oncologists, actuaries, insurance professionals and software engineers, eviti is pioneering the way to bring positive solutions to the cancer crisis by empowering physicians with advanced oncology decision support and payers with real-time automated precertification, aligning quality care with the appropriate reimbursement.

eviti Takes a Collaborative Approach

National cancer care expenditures exceeded $104 billion in 2006 and are steadily increasing due to a number of factors, including an aging population, an anticipated oncologist shortage, and the introduction of new, more advanced and expensive treatments. Each of the participants in cancer care is impacted in a different way by these interrelated problems, often causing conflicted needs and interests:

  • Physicians need an efficient way to keep up with the latest treatment advances and clinical trials and to compare costs, outcomes, efficacy and toxicity with nationally accepted treatment standards in real-time. Doctors also need to protect their cash flow through timely reimbursement for the services they provide.
  • Patients need assurance that the treatment plans being prescribed are the right ones for them, and knowledge that their insurance plans will pay for it.
  • Payers need to know that each treatment prescribed for its members meets nationally accepted standards of care for that diagnosis; and when treatments deviate from evidence-based medicine, they need an efficient methodology for determining which ones are medically justified. They need accountability and transparency to ensure cost effective quality care.

Without a collaborative approach to the challenges of today’s cancer crisis, providers and payers would never be able to resolve these conflicting interests. eviti makes this collaboration possible.