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eviti, Inc. is the nation’s leading independent oncology health information technology company delivering web-based decision-support services to healthcare payers and providers to improve the quality of cancer care and reduce its cost. The eviti platform represents the culmination of almost a decade of experience providing oncology treatment intelligence, uniquely delivering value to all parties in the care process by ensuring quality care is prescribed from the start.

eviti’s advanced decision-support platform connects doctors and payers in real time, at the moment of clinical prescribing. eviti empowers providers to make informed treatment decisions for both medical and radiation oncology with the most comprehensive oncology clinical library available containing more than 2,200 evidence-based treatment regimens for all cancer types and subtypes and the nation’s largest database of thousands of United States government sponsored clinical trials.

The eviti decision-support platform is open, independent, comprehensive, transparent, available at the moment of clinical decision-making to all parties, and scalable. eviti is not part of a provider network nor is it owned by pharmaceutical or drug distribution companies and, therefore, has no potential conflict or financial interest in the care that is prescribed. The regimens in eviti’s Evidence-based Medical Library are not proprietary. Click to view eviti’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

The need for eviti’s services is driven by the growth in the cost of oncology care resulting in large part from unwarranted variability in care that rewards higher-cost drugs, procedures, and technologies. In eviti’s experience, which is consistent with national data, 29% of cancer treatment plans deviate from evidence-based standards without medical justification, needlessly increasing costs and putting patients at risk, without delivering clinical benefit.

The eviti platform has been used by more than 4,200 oncology practices across all 50 States. Private insurance carriers, state government Medicaid plans, and government public employee health plans have contracted to use eviti. By ensuring quality care and its appropriate reimbursement, eviti has helped improve medical outcomes for patients, while generating millions of dollars of savings per year for payer clients and assuring timely and appropriate reimbursement for providers.

eviti, Inc. is accredited by URAC for health utilization management (HUM) and has Service Organization Control (SOC) 1 and 2 reports from Ernst & Young. Click to view a copy of the SOC 3 summary report.